Discontinued Sets

Beds that are no longer sold in stores and "last year" models.

Dealer Cancellations

When stores cancel their order of mattresses that were already made, they sell them to us without MSRP

Two weeks after graduating high school, I was offered a position managing a local mattress store. After a few years learning, the corporation fell through in 2009. I kept in contact with suppliers and began selling mattresses on my own. I've been doing it ever since! I have the knowledge and the beds to save you money!

Our services

Top Name Brands for less than anyone else...

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Floor Models

Stores often change out floor models to keep them as presentable as possible. Often still in perfect shape.


After sales, retailers return what they couldn't move. They are then liquidated to us for a bottom dollar price!

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‣   Cushion Firm

Trust in the Industry

‣   Titanium Coils

Where it all started

CALL OR TEXT Eric @ (352) 321-1061 OR  EMAIL:                                                                    

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I understand many people have been let down by salespeople/managers in the mattress industry. Trust isn't easy to come by these days.

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In-Stock Orders

If you want something we have online and in stock, locally, you can have it delivered usually as soon as a few hours! Out of state deliveries take between 2-4 business days.


Specialty Orders

Many people email us asking to find a particular mattress. In this case, I have 3 different suppliers that go through approx. 16 TRUCKLOADS a month. It's a matter of time, but I can find anything you're looking for!

I don't have a store! I simply buy in small bulk and keep them in a warehouse where I move them quickly! I pick which mattresses I want, meaning I get what YOU want! The high end, comfy stuff in the FRONT of retail stores. NOT the cheap-O stuff the big names advertise for a low price. EDIT: Due to a growing clientele and lots of referrals, we have opened a showroom to store and display our mattresses!!!

Why buy from us?

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West Mattress

I am doing my best to make sure everyone is a happy customer. I love what I do! It has become a passion of mine to get people the mattress they desire at a price they can afford. Although some of these mattresses are floor models, I hand pick the ones I want and sell them accordingly. It may cost a little bit more for a mint condition mattress over one with a little scuff mark, but either way, some people care... some people don't! one with