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I started this business out of my garage in 2009 and built the clientele to help me reach all of my goals. I did this the right way! I don't have any loans, huge bills, or anything crazy for my customers to pay for!Just the good stuff for less!

Enclosed Transportation!!

We deliver all over!

Inside selected area!!

I can also get great prices from these companies!!

I carry all the big name brands, includingTempurpedic! I can get my hands on just about any mattress in the country... For a lot less than anyone else! 

a Mattress!!

Have you found the mattress of your dreams? Noticed that the price was more than a decent vehicle? I'll hunt that exact or identical mattress down and get it to you for a much better price. Guaranteed!


I always have stuff in stock! When I'm dealing with my suppliers, I run into mattresses I've had good outcomes with, and buy them up when I can. They are usually the best beds on the market at a deal I couldn't pass up myself!


Discount Mattress FL has grown from an internet business, to a small storage-showroom, to a full scale mattress store! We couldn't do this without the help of  our customers! Our profit margins are the lowest in town, but our return customer base, referrals and reviews are the biggest in town! We're now located at 1300 W. North Blvd. in Leesburg FL. 34748 

Although, the big name retail stores use different model names in every one, you can call and tell me what you want. I'll find either the exact match, or the same mattress with a different name at another retailer! I can show you comparisons and usually get you more mattress than you expected... For LE$$

I deliver TOP of the line mattress sets to your door- straight from the factory- for the lowest prices possible!!

My family welcomes you to see what we have, and if we can help you!

Internet purchasing, with a personal twist!


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I drive all over the central part of Florida selling these mattresses myself. Gainesville, Jacksonville, Bradenton, and Cocoa Beach. If you're in that square of cities, I can bring you the bed(s) you need personally!

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